Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Herbicides, pesticides & vaccines - a message for those who consider them 'evil concoctions'...

It’s been a good long while since I ranted about anything, but tonight, I’m rarin’ to go. My latest rage? It’s aimed right directly at the jugulars of those tree-hugging bastards who, in their politically correct way, have decreed that tax-paying home-owners can no longer use herbicides (or pesticides) to keep their properties weed- and insect-free. (These are the same tree-hugging bastards who, in my humble opinion, should be made to show proof of having paid municipal taxes in order to be eligible to vote.)
Since 1998, I have paid in the neighborhood of $600 a year to The Weed Man, ($8,400.00, and now known as “TLC, Total Lawn Care” because of these same tree-hugging bastards) to come to my house several times a summer, and maintain my considerably large front and back lawns. Until last summer, my lawns were devoid of anything even remotely resembling a dandelion.
Today? My lawn looks like dandelions have become the national flower.
And WHY is THIS? As I opened with… some politically astute long-haired, drug-smoking, 1960s hippie leftover (one of whom used to be on St. John's City Council but had since been ceremoniously dumped by the electorate - YAY!) has decided that some equally repugnant weed in a 2-foot-square patch of mosquito-ridden Butterpot Park needs to be protected, so EVERYONE in this province needs to knock off any desire of having pride-of-property, and succumb to the vagaries of Weeds-Gone-Wild.
I stand corrected. Not “EVERYONE”. The provincial government, and municipalities, are all still happily spraying herbicides left, right and center, on lands I pay for, just as surely as I paid for my own piece of Newfoundland Heaven here in Airport Heights. The thing is… it’s a matter of “do as I say, not do as I do” when it comes to property maintenance.
Total, and utter, bull.
This, friends, is the same philosophical nonsense that disallows us from using pest control measures to keep earwigs, carpenters and their ilk from overrunning our property.
They’re all God’s creatures!! What did the innocent little earwig ever do to you?!?!
Do you want to know EXACTLY, and without any guile whatsoever, what the innocent little vermin have done? I’ll tell you.
Schools are starting to see upticks in kids with lice. Bed bugs are invading the Memorial University residences, and the Provincial Court, to name just two of the more public places. People are being advised to store their luggage in hotel room bathtubs to avoid bringing bedbugs home, even in 4- and 5- star hotels, let alone the infested nests of the Caribbean Third World, i.e. Cuba & the Dominican Republic. They’re everywhere, don’t kid yourself, and what can us non-tree-huggers do about protecting ourselves from the stupid decisions of others? Not one G.D. thing.
This “save the bedbugs as well as the seals” crowd won’t be happy until we’re living in the 14th century again. And you know what ELSE the 14th century had, that up until recently we didn’t? Rampant childhood diseases, that’s what. They’re now controllable by vaccines, BUT these mentally deficient Mother Earth freaks are now thinking it’s cool to not vaccinate their kids, leaving other non-vaccinated kids vulnerable. WTF is going on in this world?
“Those who ignore history are destined to repeat it.” I think we’re galloping towards that end.
Don’t want to vaccinate your kids? Your kids should be taken away and protected from you. You’re a freak and an idiot. Just sayin’. Go to YouTube and watch a child in a full-blown whooping cough fit, and then tell me you’d want your child to have to live through that. Assuming they do.
I just went to YouTube to find an appropriate video to post here. There's one there entitled "Infant Girl with Whooping Cough" from the Mayo Clinic. I watched about 20 seconds of it and had to shut it down. I couldn't even find the pause button fast enough to make it stop. It was HORRIFIC. You can go look for yourself. I'm not posting it here.
Two succinct words for the tree-hugging mental midgets, who are affecting my quality of life, and the actual life and health of innocent children, with their insanity – “Eff you”, and the flea-bitten, rabid, glue-factory-bound horses you rode in on.

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