Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lady Gag. No, I did not forget the second 'a'...

So, Miley Cyrus does her thing at the VMAs, gets a world of attention, and then the mundanely predictable happened.... some other half-wit star, in this case Lady Gaga, gets her nose out of joint because of all the deflected attention and ups the game, getting stark naked on stage at a gay bar in London.

WHO did NOT see this coming?!?! The only unpredictable variable in this very predictable scene was that it was a gay bar. Everything else? Yawn.

Man, oh man, how I yearn for the era of singers who sing. We've suffered through the era of Elvis-ian gyrations, fraudulent lip sync-ers, cone bras, two-foot high platform shoes, headset-microphones-as-a-style-accessory, and computerized vocals. Now, the only thing left was to get naked. But I think I may be wrong. It will be full-bore penetration next, and not with a foam finger.

Video did, indeed, kill the radio star.

Ironically, "Video Killed the Radio Star" by a one-hit-wonder band with the unlikely name The Buggles, was the first video shown in the US on the new station, MTV, on August 1st, 1981.

It's been downhill at the speed of sound since then. Music has taken a second place to spectacle.

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