Monday, May 2, 2011

Mixmaster Monday - The Fish Food Special Edition

Welcome back to this week's SPECIAL edition of Mixmaster Monday!!

The following is a recipe that's been in the making for almost 10 years, but it really got a boost from a secret ingredient about 4 years ago. Late last night, the Americans stuck a fork in it, and it was done. Allow me to elaborate...

This week's special recipe is -

"How to Make Fish Food"

1 - Take one psycho nut terrorist who arranged for jets to fly into buildings and into the ground, killing almost 3,000 innocent people, on one day alone. You'll have a hard time finding one, as they tend to hide in caves in ungoverned parts of countries whose governments do precious little to help hunt them down. Don't give up, though; he's there.

2 - While hunting down the psycho nut terrorist, have occasional chit-chats with his cohorts at a military compound in the Caribbean. Wrap cohorts in plastic, lay them on inverted cedar planks (for added flavor) and rinse generously with pressure washers.

3 - After 6 years, most of these chit-chats will bear fruit and reveal secret ingredients needed to complete the recipe. Take these fruits, and regroup to make a plan. Patience is critical.

4 - Once psycho nut terrorist is located, then the recipe is really starting to ferment.

5 - Blend 24 navy seals (including flippers) with 4 black hawks. No other birds will do.

6 - Drop navy seals / black hawks mixture onto flat stone surface.

7 - Insert small lead pellet between eyes of psycho nut terrorist. This step is essential for the absolute best fish food flavor.

8 - Tenderize psycho nut terrorist by dragging him by his louse-ridden beard across the flat stone surface. Stuff one black hawk with psycho nut terrorist. There should be plenty of room to add a few seals as well.

9 - Allow the black hawk to excrete said psycho nut terrorist into a huge body of water, full of fish. It adds amazing fish food flavor and juiciness if psycho nut terrorist's balls get caught in the door on the way out.

10 - Watch the grateful fish eat.

God bless America!!!


Image courtesy of a friend...

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