Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The *yawn* federal electio... zzzz...

I suppose I should write something about the federal election that occurred yesterday, but I really don't care enough about the campaign, or the outcome, to give it the amount of thought required to write a post on this blog. But, I'll rattle off something, just for the hell of it...

Harper won a majority.

Good news - No election for 4 years.
Bad news - Harper won a majority. This means he won't step down. We're stuck with him.

Layton & the NDP are the official opposition.

Good news - It's not Ignatief.
More good news - He's not leading a coalition that actually has some influence.
Bad news - We're one step closer to a bona fide socialist society. Bye bye, capitalism.

Ignatief lost his seat, and resigned as Liberal leader.

Good news - They can rebuild with a legitimite leader, and be the official opposition in 4 years time.
Bad news - Still trying to come up with something bad about this. Still thinking...

Gilles Duceppe lost his seat, and the Bloc Quebeqois were decimated.

Good news - His treason should never have been tolerated in the House of Commons in the first place.
Bad news - Nope. None. Don't even have to think about it.

Fabian Manning lost in the riding of Avalon.

Good news - A beautiful thing to see!!! Not only good news, but the best news out of the entire election.
Bad news - He'll end up being put back in the Senate, a useless political appointee haven for losers.

So, that's all I have to say about the election. When it comes right down to it, I don't care about any of it!! (...with the small exception of Fabian Manning.)

BUT... I DID vote, so I have the right to whine and moan and bitch and complain about it as much as I want. I have NO INTEREST in the opinions, even similar ones, coming from anyone who DIDN'T vote.

There are women on this planet who do not have the right or freedom to leave their own homes unescorted, wearing clothing of their own choosing, let alone having the right or freedom TO VOTE!!! So ANYONE, especially WOMEN, who do not vote, are FLAT OUT WRONG, and your opinion is of no interest to me. Taking that right for granted is a slap in the face to those who would give anything to live in a society where they can vote in freedom. Or vote without being shot at. I don't care how boring the campaigns are, or how uninvolved or uninterested you are in politics in general, you have a responsibility to vote. Don't take it for granted. Think about that.


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