Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The advent of my fireplace

Today marks an auspicious day in my life as a homeowner. Today, I have a fireplace!!!

I wanted one from the day the first nail was driven in my soon-to-be new home, 14 years ago, but I could NOT decide whether I wanted a wood burning one, or a propane one. I really-really wanted wood burning, but they are a lot of work and need cleaning and require insect-attracting woodpiles. The propane ones filled my needs better in that they were quick and easy and required essentially no maintenance, however the glass window and lack of crackling were features that did not appeal to me, making it a difficult choice. Each had their pros and cons.

And so my flip-flopping went, for 14 long years, until FINALLY, I made the decision. Propane it would be. Swinging an axe was not a skill I had developed during my adulthood, and not one that I now wanted to cultivate. Plus, I found one with a bay window thingy that looks like it has no glass at all. When I saw it, I knew that was the one.

So here it is... the birth of a fireplace; the transformation from a lowly window, to a window on a restful, warm, flickering blaze that warms the soul as it warms the home. Poetry, huh! Who knew?!?!

 About to kiss goodbye to the window on the left.

The start - removing the window. Construction by Craig Janes,
who was here for the original construction of my house. 

 You know you're committed to something
when there's a 3 x 6' hole in the side of your house.

The window is gone.Gulp! 

Now, the start of the doghouse begins.  

It always amazes me how some people, usually men, consider the removal of a window and putting a wall back where it was to be no big deal. The same people who can't remember to put the seat down.

A fireplace shaped indentation. I am now getting excited!! 

Daylight shining down on the roofless doghouse.

 One small coat of paint, and we're ready for my fireplace!!

Happy day - the fireplace is in! Sad day - the mantel is not yet ready,
and the propane tank is yet to be installed. Patience, patience!! 

Today finally arrived! Wednesday, December 5th, 2012.
I have a brand new operational, shiny and beautiful fireplace!!
...complete with flames! I am a happy girl!
This day was a long time coming.


  1. Beautiful... mine is on Channel 15 and comes with Christmas music ;p

  2. beautiful! good things come to those who wait!

  3. Beautiful, Margaret!! A lovely addition and well worth waiting for.

  4. lovely, now all you need is a movie , vcr and martinis.Fun for all the girls.

    1. Thanks Sharon!! Just a bit more furniture adjustment needs to happen, after Christmas, and then a girls-in movie night, complete with fireplace ambiance, will happen!!!!

  5. It was a great move to give up your window to give way to your brand new fireplace. I think it’s worth it. Since your fireplace looks beautiful, and its wooden frame adds elegance to it. :)

    Sherril Frost

  6. Thank you very much!! I am very happy to have finally taken the leap, especially during the power outage we had in January! Still trying to find JUST the right thing to hang over it. As the 14 year delay in getting it proves, I do not make hasty decisions!


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