Saturday, November 30, 2013

An online chat with Bell Aliant, or "how to suck the joy of life out of yourself in 5 minutes or less..."

An illustration of yet another fruitless conversation with a Bell Aliant employee.
One more reason why I can't get Bell out of my life fast enough to suit me...
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Thank you for your patience an online representative will be with you shortly. Your wait time is approximately 0 minute(s).
You are chatting with Faheel.
Your name:
Your number: 709-999-9999

Your question: I received an email 3 hours ago, advising about the change to a Mobility service that will take effect on my next bill, and include the period from now until the next billing date. Problem is... I DID take my nephew to upgrade his phone, yesterday, but ultimately DID NOT UPGRADE THE PHONE, or make any changes to the account. I did not sign anything. Therefore, there should be NO charge associated with anything, as there was nothing changed.
Faheel: I'll be glad to help you and check your account.
Faheel: Can I have your full name and email address?
Margaret: Margaret Xxxxxx
Faheel: Thank you for that information. Let me goa head and pull up your account.
Faheel: Thank you for patiently waiting. U
Faheel: May I know your plan for this account?
Margaret: Plan???
Faheel: Yes, your current monthly plan if you still remember?
Margaret: I don't know what you're asking. I have an account, four cell phones on it. I was going to upgrade one of the phones and decided not to. Now I'm getting a notification of a change to the bill that will occur because of a CHANGE THAT WAS NOT MADE. I do not know what you're asking about a 'plan'.
Faheel: Okay, Upon checking your account, it appears that you did not upgrade your phone as your contract is still the same from 11/10/2011 until 11/09/2013 but it also shows that you change your plan to Voice and Data Lite $60 starting November 28, 2013.
Margaret: There was no change on Nov. 28th. We went to the local Bell outlet, picked out a phone, but when the terms and conditions were reviewed with me, I refused to sign, and the transaction was ended. The original phone was reactivated and everything was to continue as it had been.
Margaret: If the guy changed it from what it had been on Nov 27th, then he should have changed it back. I authorized NOTHING.
Faheel: Then I strongly suggest for you to go back to the store as I can see on your account your plan was changed on Nov. 28, 2013.
Faheel: Or you can also call our client care for this matter.
Faheel: The telephone number for our Client Care department is 1 800 667-0123. The office hours are Monday to Friday, 8am to 9pm; Saturday and Sunday, 9am to 6pm.
Margaret: Thank you very much. I appreciate the information.
Faheel: Thank you for chatting with me. Have a good night!
Margaret: You too. (Grrrr...)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I wouldn't believe this if it wasn't happening to me. Daily.
As far as I understand, Rogers' service outside of St. John's is poor, but firstly, I rarely venture west of the Overpass except under duress, and secondly, I'd rather revert to Morse Code than deal with Bell for one moment longer than I absolutely have to. Unbeliveable.


  1. Unfortunately, your frustrating experience with Bell is all too common. When I finally gave up on them (after having torn out most of my hair), I switched to Rogers for my cable, internet, and home phone service. As for my cell phone, because Rogers has poor or no service outside St John's, I decided to try Koodo after friends recommended them to me. This far, I am completely satisfied with them. Zero complaints or issues, and no surprises on my bill. They also have no contracts. I give them an A+

    1. Having only TWO choices in major telecomms service providers is not good for the consumer, at all, but the feds seem hell-bent on making Rogers / Bell owners rich people, which was evident when they blocked Verison from coming into Canada. I don't spend much time outside the city, so hopefully the service will be adequate. If not, it's good to know that there are operators like Koodo to consider. Thanks for the comment!!

  2. Misses, you has some trouble with cable companies. I find this blog to be laughable.


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