Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bell Aliant sucks. And blows.

I'm sitting here tonight, purt near frothing at the mouth, over my experiences these past 6 days with Bell Aliant / Bell Mobility / Bell Whoever.
On Friday, April 19th, I went to the Bell Aliant store, all a-flutter, because I was going to splash out and buy myself my very first smartphone, an iPhone 5. WOO HOO!!!  I went with a friend who was equally excited about the idea of 'getting with the times', and having the chance to see what all the hype was about.

We dealt with a young lady named Hillary. That should have been my first clue.

She was dealing with my friend when I arrived. When they were done, then it was my turn. She was very pleasant, whatever, but I wasn't there to make a new friend. I was there to sign a contract, obligating myself to a device that I was under the impression would connect me to a world wide web of possibilities that were beyond my imagination. Happy day!!!

What I ended up signing, as it turns out, was a contract that obligated me to a device whose potential was used up within the first FOUR days of ownership, because of a totally inadequate "data package" that was sold to me, "me" being someone who had never laid a finger on a smartphone before, yet was supposed to instinctively know that just turning it off meant nothing to the data usage.

Call me old-fashioned, with expectations of  customer service, but I contend that it was incumbent upon Bell staff to tell me certain traits of this thing - Bell staff who, KNOWINGLY, were selling me a package that 1) woudn't last a week, let alone a month, 2) to a person whose flip-phone was sat on the counter, so that should have been a clue, and 3) would cost that person A GODDAMNED FORTUNE by the end of the month. It wouldn't require a rocket scientist to figure out that a flip-phone owner MIGHT NOT be entirely familiar with the subtleties of data usage and cellular data. I was told I had unlimited airtime.Too bad I was NOT TOLD that it related to the telephone only, the INSIGNIFICANT part of the bloody thing I was buying.

If I hadn't downloaded the Bell app, I would never have known that I was teetering on the edge of cellular bankruptcy. For some reason, not unexpectedly, the "My Bell" element of their website does not show my cellular phone usage, as it should, only my satellite TV information. No one knows how to fix this. Am I shocked? No, I am not. So, if I hadn't taken the Bell app for a test drive the other day, I would never have learned - FROM MY COWORKERS - vital information concerning the use of this phone. It does not come with any kind of a user manual, online or otherwise. I guess they're only meant for people who have been born since 2000, with the intricacies of these things embedded in their genome.

So, I called their customer service people today. I spoke with one girl for whom English was not her first language. She had the nails-on-a-chalkboard habit of laughing at everything I said, probably nervous hysteria, but she was driving me up the wall with her incessant giggling over a situation I found to be anything but funny. I asked her to stop laughing, once, because my issue was not funny. She said, "You so funny, but I can tell underneath a little frustrated." REALLY?!?! JUST A LITTLE??? I told her this was "100% frustration, nothing funny about it". The next time she laughed, I told her I could not deal with her anymore and hung up. I called back and got "Robot Guy". The only use he served was to tell me that I was entitled to the 'buyer's remorse clause' in the contract I had signed. Finally, a glint of light at the end of the tunnel, but interestingly, not one effort was made to try to warm me up to the idea of getting the appropriate package, not even from the guy to whom I returned the thing. Shows a very telling lack of interest in customer service, or even trying to scam a few extra dollars for Bell.

I tossed the phone and all the other garbage associated with it back in the bag, and got my arse down to the Bell store as fast as my wheels would take me. After standing there for over an hour, I finally had my old trusty flip phone back, and I left there, if not happy, then at least feeling like I had stemmed the flood of being ripped off and misled.

It will be a long time before I stroll down the smartphone road again, particularly with Bell Aliant / Bell Mobility / Bell Whoever as the service provider. Maybe by the time the iPhone 10 is on the go, I might consider it. Might.

I can see why they call them smartphones. You've got to have a PhD in Bell Manipulation, with a major in Unscrupuloussness, to avoid being ripped off and deceived.

ALL THAT GIRL, HILLARY, HAD TO DO was to say that the package we were considering was insufficient for most people's needs and not the great deal it seemed to be. She would THEN have sold two $70 packages, instead of two $45 packages, and everyone would have been satisfied. But no. That's not how she chose to play it. She chose to get us out of the store as fast as possible, with the least amount of information possible, maybe so she could resume sexting or playing Angry Birds, or whatever drivel entertains the mind of someone who chooses Bell customer service as a career.

A disgraceful end to what should have been a mutually satisfactory transaction, and could have been with virtually no effort at all from someone who knew better.



  1. Bell Aliant is crapola. Serious shite. Can't stream 1080p? Hahaha, no. Can't even stream 480 without caching it up. Half the time, Youtube degrades my choice (480 or 720) to like 170? I didn't even know there was a 170 on youtube.
    Bell Aliant sucketh.

    1. What sucks about Bell Aliant is that the Los Angeles super station called KTLA isn't available and the part that's an issue for me is that there appears to be no explanation or definite explanation as to why KTLA hasn't been launched by Aliant.

  2. I should have stated in my previous comments that we made the switchover to Bell Aliant a year ago and that same year I've come to discover on KTLA's website that there is live streaming news that airs or broadcasts the same time as the news that airs on t.v. but lately and unfortunately the live streaming news signal isn't always reliable(for instance the live streaming news buffers and other times it repeats itself if you know what I mean) so that is why even till today I still hope that Aliant will launch KTLA.

  3. Regardless of what provider you have they will never give you the right or full info package. They want you to call so they can upsell you on other packages. MY PROBLEM with BELL is they only hire ppl that CAN NOT SPEAK ENGLISH. why bc they are cheaper/hr..... they build call centers in India and pay ppl that can't tie their shoes a cheap wage to be dick heads.

    I just received a call from one of them today, couldn't understand a word he was saying. when I asked him to slow down and speak clearer he got mad and started mumbling something so in frustration I told him to have someone who can speak English to call me and also make sure they don't sound like they are sucking a dick and talking at the same time.... then I said have a nice day and hung up.

  4. I supposed I should have pointed out that from the looks of things all other or at least most other Canadian t.v. providers carry KTLA so you would assume that it must be mandatory by the CRTC for t.v. providers in this country to launch KTLA,if so,what is Bell Aliant's excuse not to? Perhaps just perhaps Aliant doesn't have the technological means to offer KTLA or perhaps KTLA could be charging high fees for the signal where Aliant doesn't have the money or has the money but finds the fees to be costly so therefore it doesn't want its patrons' bills to be increased. But if that's not the case than what I feel is that Aliant subscribers who're fans of KTLA should petition Aliant to launch KTLA and with some luck KTLA may eventually be carried by Bell Aliant. Oh yeah as expected I've contacted Aliant a few times to request that they launch this station.

  5. Update! If this is the correct forum to post my comments on this site I'm happy to report that today when I was browsing through the guide features on the Bell Aliant box or terminal that I discovered KTLA! It's available on ch.592 and when I phoned Aliant to speak to a representative she claimed that yesterday it was launched.So I want to conclude by offering a tremendous thank you to the manager or president or c.e.o. of Bell Aliant for finally launching KTLA where it's been my wish for 3 years since switching over to Aliant from Rogers Cable and I hope this network and certain other networks will be permanently available on Aliant.


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