Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Trolley Named Desire...

I read somewhere the other day that a trolley system was going to be developed for the downtown area. There weren't any more details provided other than this.
I took this nugget of info and ran with it, bigtime - right over the wharf.
I was THRILLED and DELIGHTED, thinking that city council were well and truly committed to preserving and restoring the historical charms of our city. I jumped right to the belief that we were going to have an actual trolley system, complete with rails, etc, like those seen in many other cities, notably San Francisco, to which St. John's is often compared from an architectural and topographical point-of-view. YIPPEE!!! How cool was this, at all???
Alas, I was wrong. Spectacularly wrong. 
Here's the article from the CBC website, posted today. 
They're jazzing up a bus (or maybe more than one, dunno, don't care), to run a hop-on-hop-off service for the summer, until Labour Day. A decent idea, y'know, but not a GREAT one. 
Trolley wannabe
Why is it that when we were a lowly, almost-bankrupt colony of Mother England, we had a trolley system, complete with rails and overhead lines, (we also had a fishery, but I digress...) but now that we're a part of the veritable 'land of milk and honey', all we can manage is a painted bus? I am so disappointed. It would have been fantastic!
But, it is not to be. ;-(
Completely and utterly bummed.

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