Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Transatlantic Tow 2006, Day 3

NOTE - Throughout the time period of the first few emails, I was not allowed to take photos outside. Just to clarify, (for you as well as for myself when I'm 90), I have added photos here that were taken a few days later. These were not sent with the original emails. All the maps were sent on the day, though. That's what got the whole email newsletter thing started in the first place!



Sunday, June 25th, 2006


Here is today's map of our progress.
It's pretty quiet so far. We're cruising along steadily, can hardly tell we're moving it's so smooth. The fog eased up for brief periods today, we could actually see the ship towing us once or twice.

We're clear of the Grand Banks now, water depth is about 11,000 feet, if I heard that correctly. A far cry from the 300' we've been in up to now.

Will be in touch again tomorrow!

Love & kisses,



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