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Transatlantic Tow 2006, Day 8

Friday, June 30th, 2006

Ahoy again, friends and rellies!

Fog, fog, fog, then one sunshine-y day, rain yesterday and now today more fog. Sigh.

We're supposed to be within sight of land tomorrow, so the rumour mill goes. Everyone is pretty eager to hurry up and get there, and see what that part of this odyssey is all about. (Gee, I just used spellcheck, and I spelled "odyssey" right! Not bad!!)

I've been waiting on a gas tester person to take me outside so I could get some photos, but that wasn't working for me, so instead, I decided to take the gas monitor course myself, so I wouldn't have to rely on anyone. Unfortunately, the person who's too busy to come out and around with me is the SAME person who's too busy to correct my test, so I'm STILL stuck. I know all about gas testing and monitoring, though, but I can't do anything about it yet. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!

We moved ahead another hour this afternoon, so we are now four hours later here than in Newfoundland. We have one more change to make, a half-hour on Sunday, and then we're done with that.

We will be issued with calling cards once we get there, so we can call home for free. Pretty decent of them.

Here is the link to the resort where we'll be staying.

A question arose today whether I will be staying at this resort or in the hotel where "management" types are staying. I have no strong feelings one way or the other. All my buddies will be staying at the resort, but I'd prefer the convenience of a hotel - my own potty, and not having to share a 3-bedroom villa with God-knows-who. I'm just going to go with the flow on that one.

This is the thatched-roofed villa at the resort where I ultimately ended up staying.
I shared with with two other female crewmembers.
The bike I bought for about 20, to ride around the resort.
You CAN'T spend time in Holland without having a bike!
Well, that's all of today's news. Gripping, huh? I do what I can!

I'll be in touch tomorrow. Don't count on pictures!

Love and kisses,


PS - Oh yes, one more salient point... that "oily water discharge" of which I spoke yesterday? It was actually a "loss of containment". I was apparently blowing it all out of proportion by calling it an "oily water discharge", silly hysterical me. Gotta get the jargon right...!


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