Saturday, June 29, 2013

Transatlantic Tow 2006, Day 7

Thursday, June 29th, 2006

Hello again!

Not much to write about today.

We've gone past the half-way mark now. Not too much longer. We will be tying up in Rotterdam by July 5th.

We've been changing our time zones hour by hour, every other day. It sounds like it wouldn't be noticeable, but it really is. The boat-lag is dragging on and on and on! I'm sure it would have been easier to just get it all over with in one big switch. When I wake up at 2.30 Nfld time / 5.30 local time to go to work, I can TELL it's 2.30! I am not rolling with the punches like I used to! We have to go ahead another hour tomorrow afternoon, then a half-hour sometime on Sunday, and then we're done.

Cloudy and a few raindrops today.

We had a little spill today. No, I misspoke... not a "spill", an "oily water discharge". We don't do oil spills. Anyway, it's all interesting, seeing as how we don't have any oil on board anymore. Must be motor oil or something.

Anyway, I'm not writing much today because I'm dragging my keester around, and I want to go get some supper and head for bed. Hopefully I'll be more bright-eyed and charming tomorrow. HA! 

Here's today's map. Talk to you soon!

Love and kisses,

PS - Hi again!!

I have two 'sources' for these maps, and I thought one source hadn't done his today, but it's only that he sent it later than usual. I like this one better, because it shows Rotterdam and the coordinates, and the track of the past few days. So, anyway, I thought I'd send it along too. I just know your afternoons wouldn't be complete without both!!

Talk to y'all soon!

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