Friday, April 8, 2011

Air Canada - "We're not happy until you're not happy"

See? I knew if I missed ONE day, I'd miss another day, but that's the way it is in the life of a busy person!

Never mind. I'm here now.

Someone sent me the following link the other day, and I thought it was just brilliant. As someone who has done quite a bit of flying over the past couple of years, I am very well-versed on just exactly how airlines have taken advantage of what I like to call the "9/11 Phenomenon". In my humble estimation, the "9/11 Phenomenon" is what I call all the ways that airlines try to bleed the flying public dry, while they blame it on supposed drops in the numbers of flying public.


Yeah, maybe, in the few months post-9/11, maybe there was a lag felt in the airline industry. But I have no doubt whatsover that 10 years on, the numbers of people currently in the air is larger than it ever has been, and grows every day.

But, that has not stopped the airline industry from sucking every last cent out of the flying public that they possibly can.

Meals? Gone.
Crap snacks? Expensive. Air Canada - bad. WestJet - worse.
Booze? Expensive. Air Canada - bad. WestJet - worse.
Movies? Air Canada - free. WestJet - costs ya. I can't remember how much, because I wouldn't give them the satisfaction.
Earphones? Now cost ya.
Cutlery? Plastic.
Luggage? Costs $25 / bag on Delta.
Carry on luggage? Air Canada considering fees for every piece of carry on baggage.

It's scandalous how the airline industry is taking advantage of the flying public. What used to be regular service in Economy Class is now the standard of service in Executive Class. What used to be the standard of service in Executive Class is GONE. Executive Class gets a meal, maybe even a choice of meals. On a tray. With stainless steel cutlery. Economy Class still gets plastic cutlery. I guess they think that terrorists won't pay the extra for the stainless steel. STUPID!!!

Air Canada. I've flown many many many miles over the years. Up until recently, I never had any issues about getting to my destination. Over the past couple of years, though, on some occasions, there have been weather issues that have come up, that made it iffy whether or not I was getting home. As it turned out, I did get home as planned, but as I listen to the horror stories of others who have not been so lucky, it is becoming more and more evident that Air Canada's customer service really leaves a lot to be desired. People getting stranded because of weather, finding themselves at the back of the line for flights home, once flights resume, is one example I've heard many times.

And then, there's the Aeroplan program. I've been an Aeroplan member for years and years and years. In the early days, you could collect points, and they did not expire. Now they do. Now, if you don't use them within a specified period of time, they're gone. That's crap. They cost a lot to accumulate. There's no reason on Earth why they should expire.

Not only that, but there was a time that if you booked a free flight with Aeroplan points, it was free. Now it costs you $100 / ticket, for the "taxes". What an easy word for them to bandy about.

Last year, my sister and I were going to go to Halifax to see Simon & Garfunkel. I booked the flights via Aeroplan. I paid the $200 taxes. Whatever.

The concert was then postponed for 2 months. I called Aeroplan, and changed the flights. To do that, I had to pay the taxes AGAIN, so now my "free" tickets to Halifax now cost $400.

Then, the week before the concert, Alice went online, and discovered that the concert was flat-out cancelled. Dammit all to hell. I called Aeroplan, and was told I had two choices... rebook the tickets yet again, for another $200 (now $600 for 2 "free" tickets to Halifax of all places), or allow the 25,000 points to expire. So, that's what I did. I lost 25,000 points, and $400, all of which went into Air Canada's coffers, for free. Free money for them, and nothing for me. I have no idea why that is not illegal.


So, when I received the following link in an email the other day, I felt their angst, fecking right!!! It might not be directed at Air Canada, specifically, but in my mind, it sure is.

I can't beat 'em, but I can enjoy hating them!!!



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