Saturday, April 2, 2011

Stuff is just getting on my nerves today

The Yankees won their second game of the season. I'm happy about that.

Otherwise, today, I'm all annoyed about sh*t. All kinds of it, in varying forms.

People going on and on about how awful our April weather is are getting right up my nose. It's April. It's Newfoundland. It's actually GOOD weather for us for this time of the year. I went camping on my very first May 24th weekend back in 1979. It was the first May 24th weekend in 17 years that it didn't snow. My nephew Joe was born during a blizzard-related power outage at St. Clare's on April 24th, 1985. That's what it does here: it snows. It always has, so why the big shock about it this year? GMAFB.

Then, there are those goddamned Muslims beheading and otherwise murdering people because some crackpot pastor in Florida wasn't going to be happy until he burned a Koran. He burned it, and now in Afghanistan, a dozen or more people have been murdered to 'avenge' it. The "Religion of Peace" strikes again, while politicians, bleeding hearts and the media bend over forwards to allow the Muslims to have their way with them. Meanwhile, Catholics are vilified for believing that, gee, maybe it would be nice to allow babies to be born. OH MY GOD!! Shut them up quick, and talk about the fallen priests. That'll put those outrageous Micks in their place. At the same time, Muslims are breeding like rabbits, because although they might be butchering terrorists, they're no fools, and they know better than anyone that there is safety for them in numbers. So, while the rest of the world's races are diminishing and diminishing, they are growing and growing and growing.

Then, there is the ongoing disaster in Japan. Nuclear power may be the bee's knees and all of that, but by God, it's damnably irresponsible for a country in the earthquake-prone Pacific Rim to not have had stringent contingency plans in place to deal with an earthquake-damaged nuclear reactor. There are building codes for condos in California for that reason, why not for nuclear reactors? That's getting on my nerves today, as well. And, they might as well just shut up reporting on it. No matter how serious it turns out to be in the long run, there is not a damned thing anyone can do to protect themselves, so why continue pouring fuel on the hysteria? If it turns out to be like Nevil Shute's novel, "On The Beach" come-to-life, I'd rather not know about it until my hair starts falling out.

I'm stiff and sore and achy for no apparent reason that I can come up with, and that's bugging the hell out of me, too. I hit 50 like I was hitting a wall. Hard.

Jake Doyle is still cavorting around that uppity skank Allison, while sweet Sgt. Leslie Bennett is enduring a broken-tho-suspicious heart. They have one episode left to put THAT right, or I'm going to be ROYALLY miffed.

I didn't win the $50 million last night. Grrr...

Yup, I'm growly as an old bear today. I'm going to bed, and hope tomorrow doesn't add to my grumbliness. Good night.


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