Thursday, April 21, 2011

Update to yesterday's post about iPhones and iPads...

It is scary to me that so many people think that this invasion of privacy by Apple with their iPhone 4 and iPads is unimportant and irrelevent. Scary.

I brought it up at work during lunch today, and - firstly - people were assuming that this was a feature of the iPhone whereby you can contact Apple if you lose your phone and they can tell you where it is. When they were told that, no, it's a tad more invasive than a simple one-off locator that Apple alone can access, they seemed uninterested.


I guess most people are just willing to give up their personal rights and freedoms without a second thought.

Sure, government, go ahead and ban books and songs and censor great writers. Go ahead, I wasn't going to read that book anyway, and I don't like that song.

Sure, private businesses, create a device that literally everyone wants, pack it full of tracking technology and don't tell anyone, or respond when asked. After all, I'm not a criminal or stepping out on my spouse, so who needs privacy?

I guess nobody really cares about their rights and freedoms, until it directly affects them. But, by then, in way too many cases, it's too late.

The CBC posted an article today concerning Apple being pressured into responding to allegations of iPhone tracking, which up until the posting of that article, they still had not done. I am frothing at the mouth to see what they say. HOW can they justify it? There IS NO JUSTIFICATION.

The world has gone mad.

My desire for a desert island, a Kindle, and quarterly deliveries of essential supplies grows daily. But even then, someone will know what books I buy...


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