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The Sail Home Newsletter, 2006, Day 9

Thursday, September 21sr, 2006

Hello once again, from about 10 feet further west than we were yesterday.

To quote Kermit the Frog, "It ain't easy being green." Remember yesterday, when I commented on how surprisingly fast this thing could move around? Well, today, the pitching (front to back) and the rolling (side to side) has slowed right down, but is way more pronounced, so the wheeled stuff will roll further, and stay put longer, but bang back harder. Then, we can talk about heave if you want. No, not THAT kind of heaving – although I'm not far from it. I mean the nautical type of heave, up and down. We're moving in a lot of different directions, NONE of them forward!! I asked someone at coffee this afternoon what the latest word is on when we'll be home. He said, "November." I'm beginning to believe him!

Well, it could be worse. When I was on an oil rig in February 1998, being towed from the Grand Banks to the Gulf of Mexico, there were days when our progress was in the negative numbers – we actually went backwards! At least we haven't done THAT yet!!

I'm on an email distribution list for weather forecasts that we receive four times a day for the Grand Banks. The last couple have indicated 0 nautical miles visibility at our destination all through the weekend and into next week. So, what that means is that as soon as the rough weather stops, the fog starts. All the guys scheduled to crew-change will have to get off this big boat and get on a little boat to get home! This is a crazy world, and a crazy boat and a crazy life!!

I'm getting snowed under with paperwork, which is normally not a time-consuming matter, but I can only concentrate for about ½ an hour before I start to get woozy, so I'm not getting much accomplished. Even solitaire requires too much concentration, so you know it MUST be bad!

BUT!! On the upside, it is a really nice way to go to bed, being rocked to sleep!

I'm sure every single one of you are cheering the fact that the New York Yankees clinched the American League East title last night for the ninth straight year!! Woo hoo!!! My guess is that there are only 3 – maybe 4 - people reading this who knew that, and definitely only 3 who really cared. Well, it's a great thing!! My joys these days are few, and my distractions fewer, and this is one of them! This is their year, I can feel it in my bones!

Well, that's all there is for today. No new pictures to send… I can't get around to taking any. When I clean off my desk I should take some in here and send some of the clinic for those who haven't been here before. It's a dandy spot – all of the good toys courtesy of the company. They might have banned the booze on that chartered flight over to Holland, but they've never turned me down when I request a nifty gadget!

So, until tomorrow…

Love and kisses,




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