Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The 30-plus things I love about home

I'll be leaving my ship today, and heading home tomorrow, and so naturally I've been thinking about all those things I'm looking forward to seeing and doing again. This is a quick list I rattled off in less than 10 minutes. I'm sure I could come up with dozens more, given the time to think. I'm pretty sure I've got the big hits, so here they are, in random order, except for the first one.

The things I love about home...
  1. Family & friends, of course!
  2. My laundry does not get done in a communal washer at the same time as 5 other people’s laundry.
  3. My whites stay white, because of #2.
  4. I can dress half-decently and not worry about ruining nice clothes because of #2.
  5. Every meal I eat is a meal I like.
  6. I know the sanitary standards of my kitchen, and strive for continuous improvement without offending a temperamental cook.
  7. I can go out to a different restaurant from time to time and not have to eat at the same sub-standard restaurant three times a day for six solid weeks.
  8. I can speak to other women who are neither 23 years old and don't know they're born, nor for whom English is a second language.
  9. I can speak to men who do not chew tobacco and spit.
  10. My furniture does not roll around the floor because my house does not move from side to side, all day, every day, some days worse than others.
  11. I do not have to scotch tape my printer to my desk, because of #10.
  12. If I want to have a glass of Grand Marnier at bedtime, I can.
  13. If I want to drink cabernet sauvignon while sprawled on my couch, watching a movie, I can.
  14. I can make a phone call.
  15. Better still, I can receive an occasional phone call.
  16. I get mail. Real mail. In the box.
  17. A large double-double and an apple fritter.
  18. I do not live in fear of being flung down a stairwell because of a rogue wave.
  19. I do not have to endure other people’s cigarette smoke leeching into my bedroom.
  20. I can watch TV.
  21. I can listen to a radio.
  22. I can go to a store and buy something, even if it’s just a postage stamp.
  23. I can sleep in.
  24. I can sleep in my own bed, which is larger than a casket.
  25. I can have a ladies-who-lunch type of lunch with my sister.
  26. I can host dinner parties for family and friends.
  27. Strange foreigners do not walk unbidden into my bedroom. (It’s NOT as good as it sounds, trust me.)
  28. I can drive my car.
  29. I can see scenery that’s more varied than the two I get here, calm seas and rough seas.
  30. I don’t get seasick looking at my computer screen.
  31. I can go a whole day and not speak to another living soul if I don't want to. I don’t often want to do that, but I have that option.
  32. I can go to the kitchen for a 3 a.m. snack and not have to get dressed and brush my teeth first.
  33. I can look out my window and see Newfoundland and, even if it’s insulated with a thick layer of snow, there’s still nowhere else on Earth I’d rather be.

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