Sunday, February 13, 2011

Who ya gonna call? Bob Simmonds.

Here's a name to remember if you're ever on the wrong side of the law: Bob Simmonds.

Robert Parsons & Leo Power sure enough knew that name.

Robert Parsons's name ringing a bell? Two words - Matthew Churchill. Enough said, particularly for anyone living in Newfoundland in 2005.

Now there's Leo Power. "Allegedly" stinking drunk, mowed down two women, dragged one over 80 meters, then struck three vehicles.

Robert Parsons, at whose trial the court heard testimony all about his drinking that day, only got 6 months for leaving the scene of an accident. He plowed into Matthew Churchill, killing him, and only got 6 months for leaving the scene of an accident.

Leo Power probably won't get much more. After all, his victims didn't die. Yet. But what he did get this week is bail. I'm not sure if he made bail yet, but if he can scrounge up the cash, he's a free man, able to drink, drive (albeit illegally, but what he was doing was illegal in the first place), and put other innocent souls in danger. It's ridiculous.

These two shining pillars of society both had Bob Simmonds as their defence attorney. And both of them would have been dealt with a whole lot differently - meaning more harshly - had they hunted a moose out of season. Incredible.

I don't know if I'm more in awe over how the court system has coddled these two scumbags, or over how good a lawyer Bob Simmonds must be. Either way, I know that if I ever do anything, or certainly if I'm ever accused of anything, he's the man I'll be calling. As much as I detest what he does, he's bloody good at it, apparently.


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