Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Memo to Dawn Marie Power - Don't run out of gas on your way to jail, b*tch.

So, Dawn Marie Power has been sentenced to 7 years in jail. Gotta say, this is the swiftest passage of justice and the most 'teeth' I've seen in a sentence in quite some time. Here's a not-quite-Sears-quality portrait of this particular charmer. Her family must be so proud. (...though I suppose there's something to be said for her not being in her jammies...)

So who is this latest ne'er-do-well, you ask? In early January of this year, Power first held up a Subway outlet, then a few hours later she held up a drug store where she doused the two young clerks (17 & 19) with gasoline. Can you imagine? It's all bad enough to be looking at the business end of a knife or a hockey stick, or even occasionally a gun. The vast majority of these Oxycontin-fueled hold-ups do not end violently, scary as they are.

But... to have gasoline poured over you? One spark and the BEST outcome is that you'll be horribly maimed for life. The WORST outcome, well, I don't have to spell that out, do I?

It'll be a long, long time before these two young girls get over that. No doubt about it. 

Take a look at this photo on the day she was sentenced:

Is this the face of remorse? Not quite.

Seven years is not nearly long enough for what this woman did. I have to say, though, that when one considers sentences given for other violent crimes in recent years, it's odd to hear of anything greater than 3 years. So, in comparison, 7 years is pretty good. She'd still have probably gotten more if she was hunting moose out of season (this is the gold standard by which I measure everything judicial), but it's better than the six months Robert Parsons got for killing Matthew Churchill in a drunken driving stupor.

Sadly, she'll be out long before 7 years are up. There's the whole 'good behavior' BS, and time served, although she was only arrested in January. Not too much time served under her belt, fortunately. I hope she's housed with some disgusting, disease-ridden, sociopathic ho and finds out what it's like to be on the receiving end of bone-chilling fear. She certainly was able to teach that concept to those two young girls. I hope she gets ample opportunities to learn it, as well.


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