Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dressing for the occasion

Another news story I've been watching with interest over the past few days concerns the female pharmacist who's been charged with an array of drug-related offenses.

The story itself is not that captivating. I guess what's really kinda surprising is that it doesn't happen more often. Two cases in one week, though, involving three pharmacists does seem to lead one to believe that they're getting away with it less.

But, again, it's not the story itself that has been of particular interest to me. What fascinated me were the photos and video of this pharmacist being taken into and out of court, wearing a bathrobe and slippers.

I LOVE watching the 'perp walks' on the news. NTV does a particularly good job of showing all the ne'er-do-well scalliwags on a daily basis. But, as straggly as this motley crew tends to be, seeing a woman going through the 'perp walk' wearing a bathrobe and slippers was a new one on me. I'm sure she owns a hoodie. It seems the best dressed ne'er-do-wells wouldn't be caught dead on TV without one. It's like it's part of the uniform. Maybe she didn't get the memo.

In truth, I was feeling a tad disgruntled with the RNC, for whom I usually have the greatest respect. Yes, the woman is accused of terrible things, and is probably as guilty as sin, but still!! She's innocent until proven guilty, and should have been allowed to present herself before a judge, and the television cameras, in clothing that was even just marginally suited for the event.

This morning, though, my disgruntlement was relieved, when I read a comment from Const. Suzanne FitzGerald (...who as capable and competent as she is, is not NEARLY as adorable in her uniform as the former spokescop-now-MHA, Paul Davis. *happy memory sigh*).


"Reporters also questioned FitzGerald on Burke’s appearance as she was led into court on Tuesday, asking why she was dressed in slippers and a robe.

“That individual had multiple opportunities to change into appropriate attire (before leaving her residence) … The investigating officers attempted to assist her in providing clothes ... ,” she said.

“An individual is free to make their own decisions as to how they would like to appear in court and that was her decision.” "

Well, now! That puts a whole new light on it, doesn't it? I guess she's starting as early as possible to lay the groundwork for her insanity defence.

GOD, I wish they'd been bunny slippers!



  1. Mags, I have to disagree with you on this one...Constable Fitzgerald looks better than any cop that ever was or ever will be...she makes me want to go to St John's and do bad if you ever see me doing the perp walk in my'll know why!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm in fits laughing here at this post. OMG! Dying!

  3. Rod!! Delighted to see you here! And I'll be equally delighted to see you in your skivvies, being frisked by Const. FitzGerald. I'll be very happy for you!! Maybe that's why this chick was in her jammies. Maybe she's been so Oxy'd up that she didn't know Paul (Assume-The-Position) Davis had resigned. Oh, how I miss him...

  4. And to anonymous... glad you're enjoying the ravings of this particular madwoman!


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