Saturday, January 22, 2011

The 'religion of peace' strikes again, literally

A 28 year old Muslim man was sentenced to jail recently for assault on his sister. His sister, as it turns out, is Afshan Azad, the actress who played 'Padma Patil' in the Harry Potter movie series.

What got big brother's Islamic thong in a knot? Little sister was talking on the phone with her boyfriend, a Hindu lad.

For this egregious offense, little sister was subjected to a three-hour long assault by her brother, which, according to the New York Daily News, "also involved her mother and father."

"...she was punched, dragged around by her hair and strangled by her brother who threatened to kill her..."

Further to this, "...she was branded a "slag" (slut) and a "prostitute" and told: "Marry a Muslim or you die!" "

Yup, the 'religion of peace'. I'm buyin' it. Are you?

So, big brother ends up in court in Manchester, England, is found guilty and is sentenced to - wait for it - 6 months in jail. It's a good thing he didn't shoot a moose out of season.

And of course, by the time this got to court, little sister didn't want big brother to go to jail. Well, I suppose those overprotective parents of hers might have had a little influence on her feelings on the matter, y'think?

It's to appease these people that governments and businesses shy away from uttering the word "Christmas", so as not to offend their delicate sensibilities. It's fine to offend the rest of us, but not Muslims.

It's to appease these people that bleeding heart liberals think it's a fine idea to build a mosque not two blocks from Ground Zero in New York City.

It's to appease these people that the main stream media consistently fails to mention that it is Muslim youth who are behind such events as the massive riots and fires in Paris two or three years ago. They were always referred to as "French youth", not "Muslim thugs", as would have been more appropriate.

And, it's also to appease these people that every year when they mark the occasion the press fails to identify Marc Lepine, the man behind the massacre at Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal that killed so many women, as the bastard Muslim he was.

'Religion of peace', my ass.

Back to the vicious big brother... so he got 6 months. Boo-effin-hoo. It's interesting to note that the British courts are no more apt to lay down sentences with teeth as are the Canadian courts these days.

And, if the parents and big brother were so friggin' offended by his sister's actions, why did they move to the UK in the first place? Why not go back where they came from, to a country whose laws and culture support such barbarism? But, I guess they enjoyed the lifestyle supported by little sister's fame and wealth. That's Muslim culture in a nutshell - having their cake and eating it, too. And the western world is bending over backwards to ensure that they can continue to do so. Scary, scary thought. .

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