Monday, January 10, 2011

Blogging as a cure for insomnia

You might have read my post on FB the other day, about me having a hard time sleeping for the third night running. Well, let me say here and now that as cures for insomnia go, starting a blog is not a cure I'd recommend.

It's funny how, at 3 a.m., the most brilliant, clever ideas occurred to me; things I could write about, gadgets I could try to include, wondering how to post links to stuff I like. And it's funnier still how, by mid-morning, all those brilliant, clever ideas now seem so ridiculous! 

However, it might be a very effective cure for those of you who might be here reading this stuff! Warm milk and Margaret's blog - a sure snooze-inducer.


Anyway, I shall persevere. All I need is for another Leo, King of Bay Bulls to emerge, or another brilliant move by Obama to drive me wild, or Christmas and the stupid crap that pollutes it to roll around again. THEN, I'm on a roll! But if it's a slow news day, it's a slow rant day in my world. My blood pressure will probably be the better for it! 

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