Thursday, January 20, 2011

Big box zone in CBS - dare I hope???

There was a story on recently about Conception Bay South developing it's own 'big box zone', along the lines of the Stavanger Drive area of St. John's and Pearlgate in Mt. Pearl. Good for them!!

I read the comments below the story, and one guy who calls himself "Spook!" essentially said he hopes they get a Costco there, to relieve the congestion of the one in St. John's. Some dame from CBS got her nose out of joint and responded back saying she hoped they did too, and it would keep Spook! out of CBS. It was all very silly.

Gotta say, I was thinking the exact same thing as Spook! was. When you go into Costco mid-week in May, (not even close to Christmas), and there's a line-up at the door at 10 a.m. waiting to get in, you know there's a need for a second store.

The last time I was in Costco was in November 2009, to buy Christmas wrapping paper. They have the honking big monster rolls that I love, so I braved the crowds. Costco used to be a regular place for me to shop, but I just can't face those suffocating crowds anymore. There isn't a single item in there that would entice me to go in again anytime soon. I bought 4 of those rolls of wrapping paper in 2009, and they will do me for the rest of time.

I have often thought that there needs to be another Costco in the Mt. Pearl area. But don't suggest that in the forums! You'll get your head taken off! "Mz Contrary-pants CBS" or whatever name she used in her comments must thrive on the crowds. I sure as hell don't. They've lost my very considerable business on the strength of it, and I don't imagine I'm the only one. I'd love to shop there, but when there are 20 people ahead of you in one of the three checkouts that they have open, who can stand that? My time is more valuable than anything they're selling.

So, hopefully Mayor Woody French is a Costco shopper, and sees the writing on the wall. Hopefully he can do something that will entice Costco to open another store in his quaint hamlet, and take the pressure off the one on Stavanger Drive. Maybe then, those like me will have the pleasure of being able to shop there again, without having to surge up and down the aisles, cheek to jowl with the heaving masses, getting groped worse than at the airport. I live in hope... (And, as my sainted mother used to say, "...and die in despair!")


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