Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WHAT DID I DO?!?! No, never mind... *blush*

Yesterday, I was looking at CBC's website, and there, looming large, was the following headline:

"Blogger Forces NL Tory Leadership Race".

LIKE AN IDIOT, for the tiniest speck of time, I had a jaw-dropping instant, thinking, "What the hell did I click on to do THAT?!?!?!" Seriously. This is honest-to-God true.

Believe me, it was not from any sense of arrogance or self-importance or any lofty illusions or delusions of grandeur that caused me to consider this lunatic-level possibility. It was nothing more than my complete immersion into this latest little project that allowed me to have a brain-fart of immense proportions.

I felt so stupid I couldn't even click on the link to read about it. Now today, I see a headline where the guy's papers for nomination have been rejected. It's just as well. Kathy Dunderdale would have wiped the floor with him. He would have ended up being as embarrassed as I was when I realized the nuttiness of what had, for the briefest of instances, crossed my mind yesterday.

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