Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Maiden Voyage!

Welcome to my very first foray into the world of blogging, and my very first post!

If you're expecting some deep, insightful prose on the state of life, the universe and everything, you won't find it here - keep looking!

If you occasionally want to read my shallow, flip, sarcastic yet whimsically personal take on life, the universe and everything, welcome aboard the good ship Maggie!!

Anyone who has had the pleasure (horror?) of reading some of my posts on Facebook knows that I am quite opinionated! As much as I love Facebook, though, 420 characters is often just not enough to say what I want to scream out some days. And Twitter's 140 character limit just stifles me altogether!

So, here I am. My follower-ship may stay at 0 forever, and that will be ok. I'm doing this for me, first and foremost. A 21st century version of a journal, that I hope will allow me to reminisce about these good old days, months and years and decades from now.

I'll do what I can not to embarrass myself, but really, where's the fun in that?

Finally, I have no idea what I'm doing, as far as the formatting of this blog goes, so you may notice a few changes occurring as I get more familiar with the ins and outs of this. Any advice / feedback / pointers will be much appreciated!!

Welcome!! I hope you decide to rant and roar along with me!!


  1. what a great idea....another literary experience following the success of the "Dining for Dialysis" cookbook...

  2. Hello anonymous! Well, the easy thing with the cookbook was that everyone ELSE did the writing. I just had to shuffle stuff around! This, I am finding out very quickly, is a horse of a different color. We'll see how it goes!

  3. Love you Maggie You have enriched my life more than u will ever know. It was a great day when you made it past the Suncor gate to the right one.

  4. ROTFLMAO @ Anonymous! Oh... please don't be anonymous, altho there are only a few who you could be. Whoever you are, you have an exceptional memory about my first day blunder! Thanks for that!!!


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