Wednesday, January 26, 2011

God's timeline is not to be trifled with

It was not her day to die, apparently.

A 33 year old woman walked into a restaurant at the top of a hotel in Buenos Aires, ordered a cup of coffee, set aside her purse and shoes then jumped out a window, falling 23 stories and landing on a taxi, bum first. She survived!

Yes, she's one lung, kidney and spleen lighter than she was the day before, but she did survive.

To see a photo of her on the taxi, click here . It's surprisingly not gory, so don't worry.

The taxi driver had been seated in the cab, until he saw a policeman looking up. He himself then looked up, and got the heck outta the car. Good thing, by the looks of it. He would have been crushed.

I guess it wasn't his day to die, either.

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