Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Newfoundland Tourism Ad II - 500 Years

I tried to post both ads in the one post, but couldn't figure out how to do it. Never mind. Here's the second one.  

Thank you - thank you - thank you to Alice for sending me the link from CBC:


They are both so wonderful!!! And I believe they may have inspired me to do something that I really hadn't been inclined to do... buy an HD TV.

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Maybe I'm overly homesick or something, but these are just so great!

*happy sigh*

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  1. On Air Canada flights, when you go to watch a movie or something on the screen in front of you, there are always a bunch of ads that you cannot skip past. ONE of those ads is always one of the series of Newfoundland & Labrador tourism ads. They are being seen, by people all over the world. It's the one good thing I can say about Air Canada. (Another topic, another day...)


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