Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Food, glorious food!

On that one day a year when I find there's really nothing to rant and / or roar about, there's always food. Oh yeah!

Last night for supper, the choices were good. Nothing to get excited about, but good. But the dessert table? One glance, and I knew I was in big trouble. See for yourself:

See? That's just wrong. But if it's wrong, I don't wanna be right. There are spice cake thingys with a pastry cone and shaved dark chocolate in the foreground. There's fruit, nuts and bags of chips up top, and lemon cake and blueberry muffins way in the back. But the piece de resistance was the vanilla cupcakes. The pretty, not-so-little cupcakes with the cherries on top:

God bless me and save me! That's cream cheese icing. Thick, gooey, sweet, silky gobs of cream cheese icing, crowned with a cherry on top. I just wanted to stick my hands right in the middle of them and squeeze that cream cheese icing between my fingers, just like a three-year old. But, instead, I did the grown up thing and picked the biggest one of all, just for me!!

Come to mama! I took it upstairs to my cabin, closed the door, and photographed it from every angle. Then I tried to ignore it for a while, and let supper digest first. I caught up with my email, and just kept glancing at it. Finally, I could resist its charms no longer.

It was inevitable. And delish!!! And it will be a nice addition to my arse for the next 50 years...


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