Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cooperating suspect gets a kick in the face

Oh, my God. If you haven't seen this video clip before, hang on to your hat...

CBC News - British Columbia - RCMP attempt damage control in wake of B.C. video

To quote the article:

"When Tavares was released from custody, he had a black eye and several scrapes on his face."

They neglected to mention the puddle of blood he left on the street. And they say the US is a scary place?!?! Has anyone been paying any attention to what's been going on within our own borders, lately?

I guess ol' Leo Crockwell is grateful that they only tried to drown him.

Here is a link to a follow-up interview done with the man who was kicked. I hope he gets a chance to kick that officer when he's down.



  1. Apparently this guy was after having surgery on his head.He had plates in also.There are no less than sixteen RCMP in BC suspended.Thank God for videos.


  2. You're right, Chris. He had been in a motorcycle accident, and was recovering from a brain injury. He was shooting at birds on a golf course, as he was employed to do, when the RCMP decided to chase and kick first, ask questions later. Where would this man be if there had not been a video of this? It really goes against my "right to privacy" grain having video cameras at every street corner, but if they're used to protect, and not to incriminate the innocent, then there IS value.


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