Wednesday, February 23, 2011

When I'm too tired to think, I think of Jake Doyle

Yesterday, Tuesday, was my first day back to work at the dialysis unit where I work, when I'm not gone off on a ship somewhere. Today I'm back at it again, getting re-oriented after having been away from it all for six months.

To say this has been an exhausting 2 days just does not convey the breadth and depth of my current exhaustion. I was on my feet for the better part of the 8-hour shift, but it was the mental work-out that really wore me into the ground. It's amazing how much you can forget in  6 months. At least, it's amazing how much I can forget in 6 months!!

Much to my chagrin, it is also impacting my ranting and roaring ability. If I'm too tired to get my knickers in a knot over something, then I'm pretty freakin' tired... too tired to write about it, and too tired to care much about anything at all.

Soooo, I was faced with two options:

1) Don't post anything today.
2) Post something, and hope to be back in fighting form tomorrow.

I chose option #2.

Just a couple of days ago, my sister was kind enough to send to me a link to an interview with Allan Hawco, "Jake Doyle" from the CBC television series "Republic of Doyle". I had been keeping it tucked away for just such a time as this. My love for anything 'RoD'-related is not only based on the fact that Allan / Jake is the most delightfully witty, articulate and charming bit of eye-candy going, but it is also because he, and the whole deal surrounding the show, have done so much for Newfoundland. Anything and anyone that promotes Newfoundland in such a positive light gets my full attention and admiration. So... there is not enough good I can say about him, the show, and all the people whose passion made it happen.

So, without further ado, here is an approximately 11 minute interview with Allan Hawco. Enjoy!!


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