Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Channels - I've got 'em!

I'm suffering from an acute case of "the Channels", and it hurts so good!!

Maritime folklore regales us with stories of this phenomenon. It seems that in days of old when knights were bold, many brave and hearty Englishmen would set off in their frigates and schooners, to conquer the seven seas. They were often gone for years at a time.

But when their travels were done and they were heading home, they would sail up the English Channel towards places like Plymouth and Portsmouth and the River Thames.

Once our fearless sailors knew they were heading for the English Channel, and could see the White Cliffs of Dover, they would be overcome with excitement and joy! They would soon be home, safe and sound (and that wasn't always guaranteed in those days.) They could not sleep and we're just basically useless for the rest of the trip.

This excitement, mixed with no sleep, was and still is known as "the Channels". And I'm suffering a honkin' big dose of it right now. YAY ME!!! *yawn*

Three more short, sleepless sleeps, and I'll be back on terra firma. Four more short, sleepless sleeps, and I'll be sleeping soundly in my own beddie-bye!! Total bliss!!


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