Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The new love of my life

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and I fell in love, a love that will not let me down. I fell in love with an appliance.

NOOOOOOooooooo. Not that kind of appliance. Ewwwwww. 8-(

I fell in love with my new Tassimo coffee maker. A love that is sure to last!

I asked for it for Christmas, and Santa obliged, bless his chubby, red-suited heart. I didn’t get to use it until now, because I had been away. If I thought the last six weeks away on my ship seemed long, then I’m really going to be in a hard way once I have to go and leave my new love behind.

It chugs and sputters and glug-glug-glugs a merry tune as it is making my bar coded coffee to its precise specifications. Have you seen the ads for Tassimos on TV with the bar code people? Funny stuff!

The coffee is rich and strong and good, but it is the cappuccino that is giving me goose-bumps.

My friend Janice got one last year, and was kind enough to feed me a couple of lattes one night. Those lattes were the turning point for me. I had been planning on getting a Keurig coffee maker. I hadn’t bought it yet, because I was waiting for the price of them, with the features I wanted, to go down-down-down to a reasonable range. Once I tasted a Tassimo latte, though, there was no turning back. The Keurig, although it is a nice unit too, does not do lattes and cappuccinos, so it turned out to be an easy decision between them, after all.

My biggest challenge now is figuring out how many cappuccinos a day I can have before I start getting the shakes and palpitations from caffeine toxicity.

Now, if they can only figure out a machine that can crank out apple fritters in under 3 minutes! .


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