Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The no-mores have arrived! YAY!!

YAY!! I have finally entered 'the no-mores', a very significant period in the life of the offshore worker.

The no-mores refers to the fact that, being in the last week of my hitch, everything I do for the rest of the week will be the last time I do it before I go home.

For example, after dinner today, I officially am in the no-mores. I can say with pride, "No more Tuesday dinners on this ship!" Then it will progress to "No more Tuesday suppers!", and "No more Tuesday bed-times!"

I can't yet say, "No more Tuesday wake-ups", because I will have still be here to wake up next Tuesday morning. Tuesday wake-ups are one of the last no-mores to achieve.

So, this is how it will be for the rest of the week. The week of the no-mores. YAY!! It's a good week! But not as good as next week, when I will finally be home!!


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