Friday, March 25, 2011

25cm of snow?? Bring it on!!!

I'm heading off to work this morning like someone heading to the ice. I'll have on my warmest winter coat and my highest winter boots, and be about as stylish as a bag lady. The only thing missing will be a babushka.

I'm pretty sure I'll get there with no problem. Finding somewhere to park in the same time zone might be a bit of a challenge. That Health Sciences parking acreage (forget "lot") is wicked. There should be ballads written about staff members who've headed out to their cars during storms, whose bodies were eventually found on the Heart's Content barrens.

It's the coming home part that I'm not really looking forward to. Not that I love work so much. It's just the mountains of snow I'm probably going to have to face in order to get in my driveway. Ugh.

But - the thought of a lovely bottle of wine waiting for me, as well as the latest episodes of "House" & "Republic of Doyle" on my PVR to curl up and watch... well, that will be a very sweet reward for a long, hard day, indeed!!


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