Thursday, March 3, 2011

Waldo taken to a whole new level!

This was sent to me by my sister Alice. Thank you very much!

Talk about livin' the dream... wonderful!!! He dances like me, too!! :-)

This is such a 'make my day' kind of video, isn't it??

I'm surprised this video has been circulating since 2008, and has had over 32 million hits, yet I hadn't seen it before. How many other amazing videos am I missing out on, I wonder?



  1. that was awesome, what i wouldn't give to travel to all those places. Love how he got all the locals involved, beautiful...and do you really dance like that?????

  2. It really is good, isn't it?? And, to answer your question, let me ask a question... have you ever seen me dance? No? NOT a coincidence! Neither me nor Elaine Benis belong on a dance floor!! :-)


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