Thursday, March 17, 2011

So far, so good...!!

Dad came through his procedure yesterday with flying colors, thank God. Hopefully, he'll continue to do well today, and we'll get him out of Special Care and home in a day or two. Fingers still crossed...

Alice and I spent the better part of the day in a small waiting room off the main waiting room of the ICU at St. Clare's. In the main waiting room were the members of a huge family from the Southern Shore, who were pretty high-strung about the condition of a family member of theirs, who is also in Special Care. They stayed in their waiting room, and left us alone in our waiting room, and it was ideal. Not one aggravation the whole day long - no gum-cracking, whistling, nosey people to have to deal with. They did their thing, we did ours.

The all-round professionalism of the nursing staff was reminiscent of St. Clare's of the good ol' days! It's nice to see that same level of care still persists there. It was a totally different experience than what Dad and Alice endured at the Health Sciences a couple of months ago. Totally different.

We toasted his successful procedure with a glass of wine at the Duke of Duckworth! A wonderful end to a day that we had envisioned ending a whole lot differently.

Thank God.

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