Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan earthquake and tsunami - what words are there?

These past two days, I have been faced with two very different events which I would like to write about, but for which I can find no adequate words.

Yesterday, it was the 2nd anniversary of the crash of Cougar 491. That was an event that touched me in both personal and professional ways. Two years on, I can still find no words that are adequate to convey my feelings, so I posted what I could.

I haven't touched on the second event, the earthquake in Japan, until now. I wanted to wait until the Cougar anniversary had passed first.

The thing about trying to find words to express my feelings about the horror that is unfolding in Japan is that it is such an incomprehensible disaster that gets worse, hour by hour, and who am I to think I can do any kind of justice in summing up my feelings about it?  

I can't get one video I saw out of my head, the one of all the rubble flowing over the farmland. One moment, it's peaceful farm fields, growing their crops. The next minute, they're inundated with and unstoppable wall of water, debris, homes, vehicles, ships, bodies, God knows what. But one thing is certain - that farmland that looked so orderly and fruitful will never, ever be the same. And, what has happened to that farmer and his family? Maybe we unknowingly watched them get swallowed up with their farmland. Can you imagine being there, watching that happen, watching that coming at you? It's incomprehensible.

And now, the nuclear state of emergency. What is going to happen to Japan? How can they ever recover from this? With the help of the rest of the world, they will, but it is hard to imagine right now how that will ever happen.

God help them.

Video - Massive wall of water sweeps ashore in Japan - 7.42 minutes

Video - Moment of impact - 0.56 minutes


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