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Joe Biden - Vice Kidnapper-in-Chief

Up until now, I have never mentioned Vice President Joe Biden, simply because it is impolite and just plain wrong to make fun of the mentally handicapped. I still believe this, of course, but this latest antic has eclipsed him being just intellectually challenged, to being someone who feels entitled to subvert the freedom of the press. That's not good, even if most of the press are left-wing nutjobs.

Here is an article posted today on the Drudge Report website. Not only have I added the link, I'm also going to post the article in its entirety and the accompanying photo, because to summarize this would just not do justice to the creepiness of what happened at this fundraising event held last Wednesday.

(The Drudge Report, in case you're not familiar, is a news weblog started by Matt Drudge many years ago. He is probably most famous for being the one who scooped the story of Monica Lewinsky's infamous semen-stained blue dress, when the rest of the media wouldn't touch the story with a presidential pole. His site gets tens of millions of hits a day, a few more than mine!!)

Of course, being that the media is, as I said, mostly comprised of left-wing nutjobs, you won't see this on the front page of the New York Times, but you should. Every journalist, regardless of political stripe (which they're not supposed to have because they're supposed to be objective and impartial hahahahaha), should be outraged. It's a sign of the times that they aren't, and it's also a sign of the times that if Dick Cheney had even considered doing this, it WOULD be front page news, for months.

Even the guy who was held as the article describes didn't write about it in his two pool reports that day. Talk about objectivity and truth in reporting!!

Just think about all that, as you read this article...

From -


Sat March 26 2011 17:04:37 EDT

Staffers with Vice President Joe Biden confined an Orlando Sentinel reporter in a closet this week to keep him from mingling with high-powered guests gathered for a Democratic fundraiser.

Reporter Scott Powers was the designated "pool reporter" for the vice president's Wednesday visit to the massive Winter Park, Fla., home of developer and philanthropist Alan Ginsburg. The veep hadn't arrived yet but most of the 150 guests (minimum $500 donation) had. They were busy noshing on caprese crostini with oven-dried mozzarella and basil, rosemary flatbread with grapes honey and gorgonzola cheese and bacon deviled eggs, before a lunch of grilled chicken Caesar and garden vegetable wraps.

Not so for Powers. A "low-level staffer" put Powers in a storage closet and then stood guard outside the door, Powers told the DRUDGE REPORT. "When I'd stick my head out, they'd say, 'Not yet. We'll let you know when you can come out.'"

And no crustini for Powers, either. He made do with a bottle of water to sip as he sat at a tiny makeshift desk, right next to a bag marked "consignment." Powers was closeted at about 11:30 a.m., held for about an hour and 15 minutes, came out for 35 minutes of remarks by Biden and Sen. Bill Nelson, Florida Democrat, and then returned to his jail for the remainder of the event.

Powers' phone didn't work in the closet, but his Blackberry did, so he fired a picture of his impromptu prison to his editors, who posted a short blog item on the lack of freedom of the press under the veep's control.

Powers didn't mention his confinement in either of his pool reports that day, saying only that "press coverage was limited to a single pool reporter, filing on behalf of all local media, who was allowed to listen to the remarks but not given an opportunity to talk with anyone at the event."

On Friday, Powers said, the home's owner called him. "He said he had no idea they'd put me in a closet and was very sorry. He said he was just following their lead and was extremely embarrassed by the whole thing."

End of article.

Y'know? I dunno. If I was worldly and savvy enough to be a millionaire developer and philanthropist, I think I'd be a little more assertive than to blindly "follow their lead" and allow someone (even the feds) to lock someone in a closet in my home, without being a bit creeped out by the whole thing. But that's just me.

Journalists! Be advised that if I ever hold a fundraiser for Kathy Dunderdale, you will not be relegated to my closet for the evening, ok? OK!


The following was posted on the Fox News website, an apology from a Biden aide for the above incident. To hell with the aide!! Biden himself should have apologized, profusely, to the entire American populace for subverting the freedom of the press.

Disgraceful. Absolutely disgraceful.


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