Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lt. Gen. Charles Bouchard - doing Obama's dirty work, but going to earn the glory

I just read that a Canadian general is taking over command of the NATO operations in Libya. Interesting.

If his name is anything to go by, Lt. Gen. Charles Bouchard, I'm guessing he's French. This gave me pause when I first read this article on this story. As my brother has been known to say many times over the years, the shortest book ever written is "French Heroes of World War II".

However, maybe this gentleman will be the exception.

It was certainly predictable that Obambi would wash his hands of the whole situation. My God, it just can't happen that he would go down in history as supporting a war with Libya. Why, that might cause someone to call him a war-monger, in the same way as George W. Bush was called one, by Obambi! Well, Deflector-in-Chief, whether you continue to lead, or to hide out on a golf course, the fact is that you DID start this. Not sayin' that's a bad thing, but I'm just sayin' you should have the 'nads to take credit for doing it, and more importantly for seeing it to the end. The Democratic party might frown on that, but that's what being the president, and having 'nads, is all about.

Instead, you've pawned it off on NATO, and can sit and watch from the sidelines. That's what Democrats do best, I suppose.

Whatever happened to all those miraculous, Second-Coming-of-Christ-like promises you made during the election? Where's all that hope and change?

Iraq? Still there.
Afghanistan? Still there.
Guantanamo Bay? Still there.
Now Libya? Started the fight, but now hiding like a little girl.

Hmmm... seems less like your own presidency, and more like someone stepping in to continue the work started by GWB (...except for the hiding like a little girl part. That's definitely your own stamp on things.)

And, where were you when Japan was starting to glow green, and Gaddafi was committing genocide? Playing the 69th game of golf of your presidency, and then heading to Latin America with the wife and kids. I hasten to point out that that behavior was very un-GWB-like, entirely. It is well-documented that you played more golf in the first 9 months of your presidency than GWB did in his full 8 years. (Bush actually only played for 2 years, 10 months, then didn't play anymore, but the big 'O' still played more in 9 months.)

You are so entirely unworthy to hold that office, that it's embarrassing. I never thought I would live to see the day where I would think that a president was worse than Bill Clinton, but buddy? You d' man.

Whatever. The point is, it's a Canadian who will now be taking the reins in Libya. I wish him well. As a commenter at the end of the above-linked article said, "Let me start off by saying that I'm mostly conservative and American. Canada has demonstrated, time and time again, that they are a responsible global power and have been willing to kill or die to protect western civilization in its time of need. In fact, they beat us to Europe in WW I and II, not to mention, as someone else pointed out, their service in Afghanistan has been critical and exemplary. We have very few friends that are better than Canada. We would do well to remember that."

This person's comment was not the only one in praise of a Canadian leading this operation. I was quite surprised, as a matter of fact.

Another one I liked was, "Sounds good to me. Anybody other than our ditherer-in-chief is a good choice to lead this fiasco. Good luck Lt. General Bouchard."

Yes, and good luck from me, too.


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