Friday, March 11, 2011

Not a snowball's chance in hell that he'll be found guilty - IF there is any justice in the world

A taxi gets nailed with a snowball, and the driver gets nailed with an assault charge, after giving the brat who did it a well-deserved tuning in. Wicked. I hope the little punk got a boot so far up his arse that he can't sit down for a week.

I just read's article about this, and the headline is so biased..." Snowball toss led to assault charge". Snowball TOSS???? What 15-year old ever "tossed" a snowball? He nailed the guy with an MLB-quality fastball, sure as there's fur on a cat. Probably one with a rock buried in it, for good measure.

The follow-up headline is no better - "Witness describes alleged snowball beating". BEATING??? Oh, for God's sake. The stupid bastard got exactly what was coming to him.

These kids are being raised with absolutely no sense of there being any consequences for their actions. They feel empowered to wreak whatever havoc that appeals to them, and are then coddled by a system that won't allow them to get as good as they give.

Even in school... everybody wins, everybody gets a ribbon or gold star, everybody is promoted through the system, nobody fails. Where are the life lessons in that? All they learn is that they can do nothing, or do something wrong, yet there are no consequences.

That taxi driver, in my opinion, had every right to defend himself and his property from this vandal. We've heard the whiny cry-baby version from this guy's accomplice. I want to hear what the driver has to say.

I'm pleased that his employer is standing behind him, and not taking the knee-jerk reaction of firing him because some mama's boy wet his pants when he was faced with the driver's retaliation. That driver could have been killed, or could have killed someone else, because of what this mindless jerk did.

I hope this gets thrown as far out of court as that spoiled little bastard can throw a snowball.


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